Updated: 2/5/2019

WANTED: Want to buy: blue poly 90 gallon vats. Call 863-608-7103 (10/17)

FOR SALE: The makers of Hydro-Sponge Filter. 26 year old company. Includes name current accounts, inventory, molds and contacts. Call Joe at 404-294-4726 (12/18)

SERVICE AVAILABLE: Cleaning, filtering & disposal of gasoline and diesel fuel. Contact Absolute Tank Cleaning @ 727-688-3804 (6/16)

FOR SALE: Company for Sale: Makers of the Hydro-Sponge filter. *26 years in business, *Stabilized Revenue, *Respected Name, *Joe the owner is looking to simplify his life, he is 63. Includes name, current accounts, inventory, molds, contacts, etc. Call 404-294-4726 (12/18)