We Finance Fish Farms: Farm Credit of Central Florida can loan fish farmers money to purchase land, pay operating expenses, or buy equipment. Full-time farmers can even borrow for family needs like a college education for the kids. Call Ron O’Connor toll-free at 1-866-245-3637.

POSITION AVAILABLE: Experience tropical fish breeder. Please contact Martha Diaz 813-898-2857 or email (6/16)

FOR SALE: Fancy guppies, limited amounts, small farm, leave message, Fantasy Tropicals 863-853-4575 (6/16)

FOR SALE: 316 L stainless steel well screens, in various lengths. 10ft—20ft. Prefilled with ceramic beads, no need for gravel in well pit. Please email if interested or call 772-225-0505 ext. 105 (6/16)

FOR SALE: Burial Vats—$20 each 89”x31”x23” *Pick Up Only* Lakeland 786-423-8752 (6/13)

NEED TO replace a broken or damaged aquarium frame for yourself or a customer? Call Bob at 810-724-3400 or visit me on the web at

SERVICE AVAILABLE: Bush Hog and Sickle bar mowing. Will mow and/or sickle bar your fish farm or fields. Call Ty Simmons @ 813-313-8383 (1/12)

FOR SALE: Mystery snails gold, blue & ivory. 18 cents per thousand. Lots 16 cents. Call 561-206-7336 (7/14)

WANTED: New/Used spawning tanks, 2 1/2 , 3 1/2 or 5 gallon. Glass only. Please call Marty—863-660-3391

POSITION AVAILABLE: Sales position-phone sales experience needed tropical fish knowledge a plus—send resume to fax 813-986-6792 or email to (7/14)

FOR SALE: Terraqua Aquatics offering feeder guppies. Call for current market price list 813-634-1209 (1/13)

FOR SALE: Antique aquariums for sale! Go to (1/13)

WANTED: Looking for 30 & 55 gallons drilled tanks for sale. Contact: Beth 813-541-4215. (7/14)

FOR SALE: Dura Cast manufactures 90-1,000 gallons polyethylene open top tanks. Custom colors available optional company logo, phone, email available on tanks. Contact Dura Cast Products Inc. (800)638-4116 (6/13)

SERVICE AVAILABLE: Fish delivery service available. Call for pickup, consolidate shipment maybe; Orlando, Tampa, Miami. Contact Ruskin Pack & Supply. Call 813-900-8227 (7/14)

FOR LEASE: large, quality ponds (80x30 feet) available for tropical fish or food fish. Reasonable prices. Beautiful farm. Call Exotica Fisheries (813) 677-3267 (12/13)

FOR SALE: Pleco fry 10,000 to 100,000. Price at .02 each. No egg sacks on fry. Delivered locally, or pick up at our location. Advanced notice needed for orders. Multiple week commitments welcome. Call Interstate Tropicals 863-686-9897 (07/14)

SERVICE AVAILABLE: Pump & engine repair-rebuild, gorman –rupp pumps, 30 years exp. Contact Rob Halcom 813-716-5485 (7-/14)

SERVICE AVAILABLE: Cleaning, filtering & disposal of gasoline and diesel fuel. Contact Absolute Tank Cleaning @ 727-688-3804 (6/16)