Why Become a Member?

Partner for Prosperity

The partnership between Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association (FTFFA) and Florida fish farms is 51 years old. The FTFFA is the only active, established organization devoting its entire efforts toward the professional, ethical, economic and social aspects of supporting the tropical fish industry. It functions as a watchdog, spokesperson, and ombudsman for Florida fish farmers. The FTFFA defends and protects the industry on local, State, National, and International levels.

Thanks to the FTFFA, fish farming is now recognized by the state of Florida as part of aquaculture. The Association works closely with state and federal organizations, including the florida Department of Agriculture, the EPA, OSHA, FDA, and various Florida water management districts. Such ties to government agencies help to protect the interests of Florida fish farms.

Participating in the FTFFA is an opportunity to contribute suggestions and exchange ideas with members of all branches of the tropical fish industry.

Industry Growth

The result of our efforts to promote and protect tropical fish sales will be industry and market growth. Continued growth can only come to us through our own efforts and by a united group working together towards common goals. Your support and involvement is important!

The FTFFA sponsors research and development projects for the benefit of the industry.


Members receive a subscription to a bi-monthly newsletter containing news of the industry, updates on legislative and regulatory matters, association news and meeting information, and association store specials.

Coop Store & Preferred Vendors Program

The FTFFA has established a direct purchasing programs with several industry suppliers to maximize savings and service for our members. Click here for a list of preferred vendors.